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Nature OR High Rise, You Decide!

Family and time is one of the most precious things we carry during our lives. Most days we feel that our time is slipping away with the blink of an eye and our children are growing up quicker than we ever could have imagined, right? Now, is the time to realise the importantance to cherish the time that we have on this amazing 'planet earth'. To ensure we fulfil our time with all loved ones around us and experience some of the true wonders that the planet has to offer.

In the words of Sir David Attenborough People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure

With these modern times, it is safe to say that there are sadly many areas that are now commercialised from tourism and the tropical lansdscape that once thrived, has now been taken over by 'high rise' hotels. With this in thought you may want to ask yourself, do you really want to stay in a hotel where you can feel like you can be anywhere in the world? Or do you want to stay in place where you can feel truly immersed within your destination?

There is nothing truly greater than being surrouded by tropical nature, the sounds of the wildlife in the trees, the feel of soft sand beneath your toes and floating in crystal clear waters. To have your own space to do whatever you please and not have to fight for a sunbed. To be able to eat when you want to eat and not stand in a queue for the hotel buffet. Surely this is what a vacation should be about? Just being able to set yourself free and relax from all the daily struggles we face on a day to day basis!


We are very proud to be situated in the area of, Bang Por , here on Koh Samui island; we are very lucky to have remained untouched by the high rise hotels and we can still enjoy relaxing on the beach in a tranquil state of mind without being disturbed by pesky sellers that you will experience on other beaches.

The villas have been carefully placed within the tropical and natural surroundings, so you will find yourself fully immersed in our beautiful location.

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